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April 1, 2012

Of Great Pinterest

Filed under: Nonprofit Notes,SoMe — Michael Cabral @ 12:00 AM

If you think that Jeremy Lin is the only topic getting pun traction these days, you must be out of touch. Pinterest is being kicked around the web with all sorts of groaning headlines—which is very Pinteresting. This sort of humorous dealing with what is now being considered the hottest Social Media contender since Facebook, may be making nonprofits feel that it would be of no value to their agency. However nonprofits might want to reconsider that thinking after reading this very well done posting by Nell Edgington of Social Velocity. Why I Love Pinterest and Nonprofits Should Too goes into the rational behind why people are using Pinterest, and how it can be leveraged by nonprofits to help promote their causes. The piece is well written and succinct, and can easily be used as a source of justification for assigning a volunteer or employee to maintaining the “board” that makes up the substance of your posting.

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